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Coloured Canyon Desert Trip, Nuweiba, Sinai , Egypt

The Coloured Canyon is a very dramatic natural feature in the Sinai Desert rocks. It is a location where water has rushed over the desert over many thousands of years and eroded the soft rock to form a deep canyon meandering through what is now barren desert.
The Coloured Canyon is only accessible by a good off road vehicle, now usually a Toyota Land Cruiser. The journey can be started at any of the Sinai resorts of Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba Heights.
The Canyon is closest to Nuweiba, but many trips go there from the others, from Sharm it is a about a 2 hour road journey.
Once you leave the road there is a desert track to follow, which has become very bumpy and corrugated. This track is about 10Km into the desert. A couple of the girls on the trip wished that they had put on a sports bra to cross this part of the Sinai desert, as everything got shaken around.
Before starting on this desert trip it is important to remember your passport, as the police check numerous times along the road.
You must also be wearing good shoes, preferably walking boots, but strong trainers will do.
You must also bring a good supply of water - please remember to take the empty bottles back with you, and not throw them in the canyon.

Where the trucks drop you off there is some facilities, but remember this is not a 5 star hotel. It is way into the desert.


The start of the trip is a long descent into the first part of the canyon, so careful foot placements are required. Once at the bottom of this drop you think this is going to be a gentle walk into the Sinai desert - you are in for a surprise.

The Canyon walls start to get higher and the ground starts to get narrow and twisty.


Things start to show you why the canyon gets its name, the Coloured Canyon. As there are many areas that show strange markings of different coloured rocks. It looks like it is painted, but it is not. These carry on as the canyon gets narrower and narrower as well as higher and higher.
In some areas bolders have dropped into the canyon, these have to be jumped over or in one place you have to slide under and drop down about 3m

As you can see, a reasonable level of fitness is required. Though with help from the guide along with a bit of courage most people can get through.

Before signing up for this excursion have a good look at the pictures and assess if you can do this.

Once out of the narrow canyon, things take on a leisurely pace as things widen and level for around another 1Km
While you are walking through the canyon, the driver will move the 4x4 to the end. This is still at the top of the canyon, so a climb is required to get out. After walking and climbing over the rocks this climb should be taken slowly and carefully. A good excuse to stop is to have a drink of water, use it.


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